Linda Schutt Dayton Ohio Piano Teacher-1

My teaching style


I have always taught my students one-on-one because the learning process is best personalized and tailored to address individual issues and accomplishments. For beginning students,  I use tried-and-true, age-specific method books that cover lesson concepts, performance abilities, theory knowledge, and technique skills in a synchronized manner. After completing several levels and building a strong fundamental foundation, I transition exclusively to classical repertoire. Due to the varying styles of the four major classical periods, students learn how contrasting musical styles are interpreted and played.

A pianist is only as good as their hands, and I believe that a portion of each lesson should be dedicated to developing strong, natural positions and techniques on the keyboard. In addition to the rich tapestry of classical music, I incorporate proper methods of technique using scales, cadences, and arpeggios. These skills are not only essential elements to proper piano playing, but are also core fundamentals in every piece of music. By learning the theory concepts associated with scales, cadences, and arpeggios, the student is also learning crucial musical concepts they will find themselves playing again and again.

Every accomplishment is met with great praise and excitement, no matter how big or small it may seem. I have no prior expectations for my students, and believe that each person is completely unique in their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. Small, consistent steps with a solid foundation is the best way to becoming an accomplished pianist. Musical abilities and understanding can never be rushed, and I encourage my students to enjoy the experience as they grow into the musician that they only dreamed they could be. The journey can be beautiful and profoundly life-changing if you choose to allow it.

In addition to weekly lessons, I believe that sharing your talent with others is an important aspect of why we should learn things in the first place. Being able to perform music well in front of an audience is a learned skill, and one that will only get better with practice. My students are greatly encouraged to share their beautiful music as often as possible. They are presented the opportunity to perform at a formal recital each year in addition to community events.


Nationally Certified Piano Teacher


I am one of only eight piano teachers in the state of Ohio that has received the American College of Musicians National Certification status. National Certification is the most elite honor a Piano Guild teacher can attain, as it seeks to award only the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in piano teaching. 

National Certification is earned by piano teachers that have 25 or more students in a 5-year period receive the highest grade level (Superior) during their National or International Guild program performances. In order for a student to earn this Superior grade, they must demonstrate precise and quality musical abilities while performing 10 memorized pieces in front of a Guild judge. Teachers must continue to have 5 students earn a Superior grade each year in order to maintain a Certified status. I have been a Certified teacher since June of 2011. 

The National Certification honor shows that teachers are capable of immense dedication, care, thoroughness, and knowledge as they guide their students to play with the utmost quality under pressure. I’m proud to be able to utilize these teaching qualities with all of my students, no matter their musical goals!